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You're the reason we create software. You're the reason we create all of the things that makes that software valuable. Our mission is to help you achieve YOUR mission.  And our vision a world where you've achieved YOUR vision. If you don't succeed, we have no reason to exist. Hence, we only succeed if you succeed. To that end, everything we do is with the single goal in mind: In everything we do, we must develop a fully mature solution that not only involves software, but also the supporting documents, systems, culture, and worldwide staff that guarantees your success.


Our Story

Robert Gerace was four years old when he "threw his first case."  His father, Frank, a salesperson for Kleenex at the time, couldn't help himself if he saw a Kleenex set that wasn't perfect -- and Robert was along for the ride that fateful morning.

Frank said, "No matter how hard I work to get products into this store, every bit of work it took is for nothing if the product isn't on the shelf when the shopper walks by."  It's one of Robert's earliest memories -- it forever shaped him; and it was the spark that ignited the "Every Store Perfect" story.

By 1989, Frank had become a general merchandise rep and was testing retail service with a small field force.  Robert, with a natural talent for computers in college at the time, overheard Frank mention that his field team was going to run him into bankruptcy if he didn't find a way to get accountability and provide direction from and to his field team.  Robert went to work searching for technology that was available at the time and, within a year or two, had developed one of the first ever retail field force accountability tools:  the Broker's Partner IVR -- a telephone call-in system that captured caller-ID.  It met both goals of gaining accountability from, and providing direction to, remote field workers -- and Frank's problem was solved.

Retail Workforce Management Software

The solution attracted several retailers, food brokers (large and small), and then a large household-name manufacturer told Robert they wanted the solution. But, they were not about to use a tool called "Broker's Partner".  Wanting to remain industry-neutral, the company was renamed "Computer Resource Center," and did business as CRC for many years.

CRC grew to a company that helps over 800 companies, 140,000 field workers, and over 300,000 retail locations across the globe.  Additionally, CRC's employee base became global also as CRC is and continues to be a pioneer in harnessing the power of a remote workforce.  In the computer industry, that's called "eating your own dog food," and we at CRC use our own tools and processes wherever possible to ensure that we all understand our clients' experience.

As business thinking matured, it became evident to CRC management that we'd been coaching our clients to "live" in those "Broker's Partner" roots of accountability and direction, in other words clarity.  But every morning when we woke up to execute our mission in search of our vision, it became apparent that the CRC name wasn't providing clarity to our employees or to the Supply Chain.  Only by providing clarity to workers -- especially remote workers -- can we expect to realize our vision (and more importantly the vision of our clients.)  And only by providing clarity to our clients and perspective clients can we help the largest number of people in the most efficient way.

And so we became Every Store Perfect.  It's the shorthand version of our mission, our vision, our values, and our mantra.  It's what we (all of us: ESP, our clients, and their customers) are ultimately held accountable to.  We strive for perfection every single day.  It's who we are.  It's what we do.  And we'd like to do it for you.

We interviewed ESP 3 years ago along with another company when we were looking for a service provider for our field team to be able to collect data on a handheld device.  Robert and his team provided the best solution for our team and at first there were some challenges.  His team accepted those challenges and built a system for our team that was the right solution for our team. After several months in the field we came back and asked for a modification and his team came through again with another modification that helped our field team even more than expected.  Our field team would highly recommend Robert and his ESP team for your field team data collection team needs.

Don Vowels, Merchandising Director, Alliance Foods


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