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Increase In-Store Productivity

The #1 Reason Companies Use our Solutions:

Take complete control of retail associates and efficiently drive 100% task and store execution with state-of-the-art workforce task management.

"Drive 15% to 35% Better Productivity by improving your field team's targeting and visit objectives."

(Source:  IRI 2013)


Improve Shelf Level Information

Gain Greater Access to Shelf-Level Information

Get Actionable Information for Better Decisions

Perform unlimited retail audits to capture everything you need to maximize sell-thru, including geo-tagged photos.

"95% of Respondents Agreed:  The right mobile solution will help me devise and execute a better strategy for marketing, selling and delivering..."

(Source:  Recent CGT Study)


Improve Visibility

Increase Visibility into the Field

Gain Clarity and Oversight of Store Activities

With latest-technology GPS-enabled tools, you'll know the location and activity of every associate, at all hours, in real time.  You'll have extreme visibility into everything and anything that is going on regarding both your associates, and inside their stores.

By adopting and integrating an automated process that drives visibility and real-time interaction -- closing the loop between supplier, servicer, and retailer -- you'll help increase retail sales.


Increase Revenue while Reducing Costs

Increase Traffic, Basket Size, Conversion, and Margin While Reducing Costs

Gain More Margin Without Increasing Payroll

Minimize the customer facing time using efficient scheduling with task-by-task guidance of every associate, all day long.

Eliminate fraud, flag & mitigate exceptions to your business rules, and drive a culture of accountability to your desired results.


Or, More Specifically, What Outcomes Are You Attempting to Create?


Direct them to the right tasks.

Need to Improve Workforce Task Management?

Improve Your Workforce Management

Driving access to workforce data, as well as digital data collection, closer to the time and place it happens improves its accuracy.  By making workforce management tasks transparent, the associate becomes responsible for the accuracy.  Managers and associates also benefit by spending more time at the shelf and less on administrative tasks.  (Source: Aberdeen Group).

What's else? Employee work audits, performance feedback, mobile video, and associate-and-store-level dashboards on mobile devices -- Available today with ESP.

Improve Store Coverage

Need to Retail Efficiency?

Eliminate Waste to Increase Retail Efficiency

Reduce time spent on tasks in stores for maximum impact. Then, increase the time spent in-aisle facing customers. Prioritize projects and tasks by guiding assocites through their day, then through their store shifts, ensuring that each shift and task is executed according to your priority.

The increased productivity leaves gaps in associates' schedules, which the ESP system can use to schedule more customer facing time within the same working day and budget.  The result?  Increased efficiency while increasing task execution -- and without additional cost.

Fix Execution Problems

Need to Fix Execution Problems?

Empower Associates and Managers 

Begin by providing associates with mobile technology that creates the ultimate clarity around what exactly they have done, or not, and how much time is left to complete their tasks and projects.  This method allows reps to self-manage.

Additionally, associates' managers have the same visibility on their mobile devices as well, along with exception-based alerts to out-of-bounds activities that violate your business rules.

By guiding associates though their entire work cycle: projects, visits, tasks and providing visibility up the chain of command, you gain 100% execution in time to make a difference.

Fix OOS Issues

Need to Fix On-Shelf Availability Issues?

See Shelf Level Detail in Real Time

Out-of-stocks continue to sap revenue from brick-and-mortar stores at an average of 7.7% -- of which 6.6% is due to inventory being in the store but not on the shelf!

Why are out-of-stocks still such a problem?

- Inaccurate demand data

- Lack of labor training or availability

- Shelf level stock-outs

Access to data can improve on-shelf availability by 13.8%.

(Source: October 2015 CGT Custom Research: The Value of S&OP)

By empowering associates with mobile devices loaded with real-time data, and directing them to capture the in-store intelligence, you'll drive out-of-stocks to near zero.

Fix Phantom Stock

Need to Eliminate Phantom Stock Issues?

See Past Supply Chain Blindness

When retailers are under the incorrect impression that a given SKU is on hand, but in reality the product is damaged or misplaced, auto-replenishment cannot occur.  This phantom inventory can be a real sales killer.

So, how to resolve it?  Link your zero-scans to your automatic scheduler to schedule tasks into high-volume stores that report inventory on hand and no sales.

Associates can resolve phantom inventory issues and make sure the products start flowing again.

Pro tip:  Perform cycle counts to audit store inventory against physical inventory to make sure that the auto replenishment system works in the store as designed and prevent future issues.

Fix Out of Control Costs

Need to Fix Out of Control Costs?

Mobile Devices Drive Ultimate Accountability

Reduce fraud to zero with GPS time-stamping, bread-crumbing, geo-fencing, and mileage reporting.  Add another level of accountability with store manager signatures, and photographic proof of project, task, and shelf executon -- also stamped with the GPS location of the mobile device.

With fraud gone, concentrate on getting the best qualified, best work-scored, highest trained person to each store, and in the most efficient route. Eliminate wasted tasks in-store by flagging mandatory projects, as well as optional tasks, in priority order.

Reduce turnover by providing associates with mobile apps they love and that make their lives easier with powerful tools.

Fix Non-Compliant Visits

Need to Fix Non-Compliant Visits?

Right Associate, Right Store, Right Tasks.  Only and Always.

Each task required of the associate is presented to the associate in the order in which it's due, lending to perfection in every call.

Rich media -- videos, photos, sell-sheets, plan-o-grams, syndicated sales data, and store inventory levels -- can be sent to the rep to ensure 100% compliance with assigned tasks.  And that media can be both store and product-specific.

Fix Product Visibility

Create the Perfect Shopping Experience By Building a Culture For It

Build a Culture of Accountability to Shopper Experience

Train every employee with 3-5 minute chunks of cloud-based video training.

Gain complete oversight of all training, as well as all passing and failng scores by all employees on every subject.

By dripping the training daily, you quickly create -- and maintain -- a new culture. You literally change the experiences, which change the beliefs, which change the actions, which create your results.

Fix Incorrect Product Assortment

Need to Fix Incorrect Product Assortment?

Gains Come from Getting Closer to the Consumer

In this smart device, about-me era, consumers are accustomed to getting exactly what they want, exactly when they want it.  To survive in retail, you'd better have the right product mix for your each store's local demographics and buying preferences.  But, how are you to know what that is?

By directing associates to interview shoppers in-store, collecting that information, and reporting that back to HQ, your merchants will be empowered with the data to make data-driven sales.

Not only will this help your sales going forward, but it will also give you the opportunity to push out a competitor who doesn't capture and share data at this level.

Fix Missed Visits

Need to Fix Missed Stores?

Drive 100% Compliance Against All Your Goals

Placing a simple but powerful dashboard in the palm of each associates's hands places accountability for store coverage on him or her as well.  By always putting their current percentages of complete and remaining stores in front of them, it becomes impossible for anyone who cares to miss a store.

For those who don't care, their managers will get alerts to stores coming due, but that are left unworked, and they will have the ability to easily drill in to what is done, not done, due today, due tomorrow, and due in the future.

Missed tasks can be easily rescheduled in the store -- within bounds provided by HQ, empowering store managers to immediately address labor as necessary to gain 100% coverage.

Fix the Gap between Headquarters and the Field

Need to Fix the Gap Between Headquarters and the Field?

Link Activities and Processes Defined by Headquarters to the Activities that Need to be Done in Stores

Associates are empowered with the facts, focus, and follow-up necessary to achieve maximum productivity during store shifts.

Productivity gains come from operational efficiencies and time savings as the mobile platform helps associates plan their day, track progress against goals, work more easily and effectively with store managers, and maintain focus on creating the perfect store. 

Many CPG companies report productivity gains of up to 35%.

Serve Up Data to Make Business Decisions Quickly and Easily

Need a Solution that Serves Up Data in a Way that Makes It Easy to Make Business Decisions Quickly and Easily?

Make Data Jump Off the Page

To achieve an outcome of easy business decisions based on data, you'll need to leverage a system that builds its dashboards from the ground up.

The ESP dashboards are designed with typical retail store issues in mind, so those issues are easily identifiable without having to drill down.  However, those same dashboards allow drill-down to the offending manager, associate, or store -- along with one-click access to email and phone numbers for immediate remediation.

When you've reached the level you need to make your decision, you can easily print exactly what you're looking at to a PDF to share and gain collaboration.  Or, if you prefer, start an online discussion around a data point or photo to gain buy-in quickly and easily.

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